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Anchor Marketing Welcomes Darren Stinson To Its Crew

Anchor Marketing recently announced the addition of Darren Stinson as its newest account manager. He will be responsible for initiating and maintaining successful partnerships with Anchor Marketing’s growing number of clients. Stinson and the team at Anchor Marketing will help these clients to build their brands, improve their communication (both external and internal) and harness… Read more »

The Long Game

If you’ve ever competed against me in a sport or a game, you know that while I hate to lose, I am also a huge fan of outstanding plays – even if my competition is responsible for them. I chirp a lot during a game (refs eventually get used to being called “stripes”), but rarely… Read more »

Encouraging Your Team To Train

Are your employees passionate about improving their knowledge and skills? Don’t expect it to happen on its own or happen overnight. You need to encourage that mindset, and it isn’t always easy. When most companies implement strategies for branding and marketing, they tend to do so from the inside out. In other words, they focus… Read more »

What Tournaments Teach Us

Last weekend I managed to watch some of a college basketball tournament, an exceptional high school basketball tournament and a little college playoff hockey (less than exceptional). It’s that time of year when sports fans being seated at a restaurant ask for that perfect spot where they can “see all of the games.” In one… Read more »

Blizzards And Branding

Anyone who’s lived in North Dakota during winter can relate to that 1/2 second when you stomp the accelerator and hope you aren’t’ flattened by an 18-wheeler.

Barry Manilow Or Bohemian Rhapsody?

I joined my family at the movie Bohemian Rhapsody recently, and being huge Queen fans it’s not a surprise that we were thrilled with it. It may not have been the most historically accurate biopic of all time, but it was one of the most interesting. I think my favorite part of the film was… Read more »

What Is Your Value To Your Customers?

As more and more of your competitors try to define the position of their brands in the marketplace, it’s starting to get a little crowded in the minds of customers. While a growing number of companies strive to tell consumers who they really are, only the businesses that can identify their true value will successfully… Read more »