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Why The Galactic Starcruiser Crashed

Recently, Disney announced that its immersive, expensive Galactic Starcruiser hotel at Walt Disney World would close after just two years in operation. What? You didn’t know that Disney had a Star Wars-themed hotel set in a space ship – complete with droids and wookies – that cost a whopping $6,000 a weekend for a family… Read more »

Pulling Ahead When Times Get Tough

Not too long ago, I wrote a blog entry about building your brand when business was booming. As the economic wonks continue to predict troubled waters ahead, it seemed fitting to put something together that discussed the approach a company should take when times are tough. Ironically, the answer is similar to the blog I || Branding

Brand Awareness In A Long Sales Funnel

I hear it regularly from businesses, “I have a long sales funnel, so marketing and branding are a challenge for us,” to which I reply (politely) “tell me more.” Eventually, I explain why a long sales funnel means it’s even more important for you to build your brand and strategically communicate with your audience. If… Read more »

Branding When Business Is Good

A common question in the world of marketing is “can I stop building my brand when I am busy?” At Anchor, sometimes we even run across a slightly different version of this question, “should I still be promoting my products or services even though I can’t keep up with demand?” These are both important questions… Read more »

Quality Over Quantity For Your Brand Message

Have you ever heard of the marketing rule of seven? The rule states that a potential customer must see a brand’s message at least seven times before they’re ready to take action. Keep in mind this rule was formed in the 1930s, before we had the internet and social media, and television and radio stations… Read more »

Maybe It’ll Grow On Me

Let me tell you a quick story about an entrepreneur who was working to supplement his income in 1971 by teaching an accounting class at Portland State University. One night, he came across a graphic design student in the hallway who was working on a drawing assignment and offered to pay her $2/hour if she… Read more »

Selling Heart Attacks

Recently, I heard Dana Carvey and David Spade interviewing Bob Odenkirk on their Fly On The Wall podcast, and there was an exchange that I found both funny and insightful. Carvey and Odenkirk were discussing their respective heart issues (in particular, Odenkirk’s heart attack on Better Call Saul), and they hit upon the fact that… Read more »