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Elvis Wasn’t Scared. Why Are You?

In the movie Blue Hawaii from 1961, Elvis Presley sings a song entitled “Rock-A-Hula Baby.” It’s dopey in that Elvis-singing-in-a-movie kind of way, but it also contains a lyric that cuts much deeper than you would think for the early 1960s. I don’t know who Benjamin Weisman, Delores Fuller and Fred Wise were, but these… Read more »

Anchor And Agilix Solutions: Maximizing The Potential Of Rockwell Automation Marketing

Agilix Solutions is a successful distributor in the midwestern United States that has partnered with Rockwell Automation for many years. The advantages of such a relationship are obvious: offering customers products from the world’s undisputed automation technology leader is a win-win situation for everyone involved.  However, while Rockwell Automation is focused on making nothing less… Read more »

AI, Algorithms And Agreement

Have you ever known someone who was so eager to be your friend that they agreed with everything you said? Ask them to pick a restaurant, and they tell you they’re good with whatever you choose. Tell them about your favorite movie, and they agree, replying “oh, if you liked that, you’ll LOVE these similar… Read more »

Why The Galactic Starcruiser Crashed

Recently, Disney announced that its immersive, expensive Galactic Starcruiser hotel at Walt Disney World would close after just two years in operation. What? You didn’t know that Disney had a Star Wars-themed hotel set in a space ship – complete with droids and wookies – that cost a whopping $6,000 a weekend for a family… Read more »

Pulling Ahead When Times Get Tough

Not too long ago, I wrote a blog entry about building your brand when business was booming. As the economic wonks continue to predict troubled waters ahead, it seemed fitting to put something together that discussed the approach a company should take when times are tough. Ironically, the answer is similar to the blog I || Branding

Brand Awareness In A Long Sales Funnel

I hear it regularly from businesses, “I have a long sales funnel, so marketing and branding are a challenge for us,” to which I reply (politely) “tell me more.” Eventually, I explain why a long sales funnel means it’s even more important for you to build your brand and strategically communicate with your audience. If… Read more »

Branding When Business Is Good

A common question in the world of marketing is “can I stop building my brand when I am busy?” At Anchor, sometimes we even run across a slightly different version of this question, “should I still be promoting my products or services even though I can’t keep up with demand?” These are both important questions… Read more »