About Anchor Marketing

The biggest challenge in branding today is how to stand out from the crowd. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, it’s more effective to provide the right branding message to the right people. The team at Anchor can help.

Every project, every website, every social media post, every design, every word of copy we create is anchored in a deep understanding of your business, your industry, your competition and what makes you unique to your target audience.

Your business deserves to stand out, but a strong brand always starts by looking inward. Have you identified what really sets you apart? Do your employees live the brand message? Are your marketing and public relations tactics consistent? Do you have the courage to stand out when it’s easier to blend in?

The TAMM Strategy

Once we understand your business and your brand, we use our experience to determine how the elements of TAMM apply:

  • Who is our message Targeted toward?
  • What Action do we want them to take?
  • What Message best communicates to this audience?
  • What Medium will be used – how should the message be delivered?

Want to learn more about TAMM? Read The Scoop, a small book that can make a big difference to your brand. Request your copy here.

Anchor puts all of this together into a plan that guides you toward your communication goals – and we do it before we design, write or code anything.

Consequently, we significantly improve our odds of the communication doing its job successfully. And because we set measurable objectives in our plans, it’s possible to make adjustments to our work in order to improve results over time.

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