Reach Quality Job Candidates On LinkedIn

There are a lot of job posting websites in the world today, and you’ve probably heard names like Indeed, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter (maybe you’ve even tried them). Here’s another name to consider: LinkedIn. You’ve always known that it’s a great place for business professionals to network and share their career achievements, but you may not know that it’s also an excellent way to put out your virtual “help wanted” sign.

Posting a job on LinkedIn is easy, but it currently can’t be done by a company, even though it will need to link to a company’s LinkedIn page. Instead, it needs to be posted by an individual with a LinkedIn account who is tied to your page. Many companies rely on a trusted employee in their human resources department to do this, but you can grant this access to anybody. For example, the Anchor team helps several of our clients with job posts and advertising on LinkedIn.

When posting your job, LinkedIn has 137 job description templates to choose from, such as salesperson, software developer, engineer, etc. You can target the types of applicants you are looking for, and the platform even gives you the ability to narrow your search using screening questions (though it isn’t required). You can set what the ideal answer would be and can say whether it is a requirement of the job or just preferred. Applicants will be required to answer all the screening questions. You can even set up an automated rejection email if the candidate does not meet your company’s requirements. 

Overall, the process is fairly straightforward, and while formatting text is needlessly clunky (we know some tricks if you contact me), the process is worth it. You can reach a lot of good candidates on LinkedIn for a reasonable investment, and in many ways its system seems more efficient than its competitors. Perhaps it is because they lack LinkedIn’s social media components.

Want to learn more about the power of LinkedIn? Contact Anchor today, and let us show you what the platform can do for your business.