Create Your Next Conference On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with professionals and build brand awareness for your company with key decision makers. This year’s challenges have pushed many companies to become more digital in their marketing and sales strategies since meeting in person has become so complicated. To address this demand, LinkedIn has launched a way to hold online events on their platform.

There are two parts to LinkedIn’s new online event solutions: LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events. These two services work hand-in-hand. First you schedule an event that can be listed and shared on your company’s LinkedIn page. You can even create a landing page on LinkedIn with a unique URL for your get-together. You can also make the event public or private.

When it’s time for the event to take place, you’ll use LinkedIn Live to stream to attendees (note that you have to apply for access to LinkedIn Live – start here: Down the road, LinkedIn has plans for users to be able to discover relevant events in their “My Network” tab, along with the ability to promote event participation via LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn’s research shows that live videos get roughly 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than native videos produced by the same broadcaster.

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