Anchor Ideas

The Power Of Positive Culture

I just finished writing an article for a client’s publication about how a company’s culture can affect its productivity. As I did my research, I came across some very interesting data that proves – NEWS FLASH – that employees like to work for companies that are positive, and that – NEWS FLASH – employees who… Read more »

Tips For Not Posting

A few weeks ago I saw a real Facebook post that said “I think I’m going to take a nap.” It was from a person who posts a lot on social media, and it’s hard to imagine a better sign that you’ve run out of things to post about. There is social media fatigue, where… Read more »

CBS All Access: Big Dud Theory

I am trying to create my own a la carte TV service. Even though I keep shrinking my cable package, I am still forced to pay for dozens of channels that my family never watches. That’s not hyperbole – we NEVER watch them, not even for one second. Oxygen? Yawn. C-SPAN? Is that still a thing?… Read more »

I Used To Love Game Of Thrones

I remember when the guys in Metallica cut their hair. Their fans went bananas. It was ironic for a group that was all about substance over style: their fans had a certain image in their minds, and they did not want the heaviest band in the world to look like they drove to the concert in… Read more »

Watching Your Burrito

Recently we held what we call “Anchor Lunch,” wherein our staff has the noon meal together, chats, laughs, often plays trivia (from an outdated edition of Trivial Pursuit) and sometimes celebrates significant company or employee milestones. I know, I know – a bunch of creative types should be able to come up with a better… Read more »

American Web Design Award Winners

We recently entered some of our web work into the 2016 American Web Design Awards ( There were more than 1,250 entries this year, and just 15 percent of them took home awards. Anchor Marketing’s {code} Roadies web development team earned two Award Certificates this year: one for, a site for a Canadian client that is making… Read more »

Is There A Hole In Your Hearing?

Last week I captured a dinosaur. That is, I added an old CRT (tube) TV to my retro video game room. It wasn’t huge, but it was heavy. I forklifted it in because it lets me play some old games that do not play well with flat screen TVs. Once it was lugged into its final resting… Read more »