Anchor Ideas

He Who Must Not Be Named

In the Harry Potter books, the villain is often referred to as “he who must not be named,” because even identifying him invokes unspeakable evil with a capital E. Lord Voldemort (oops, so much for not naming him) is a malevolent, pervasive force who gets his pasty-white fingers and his weird nose into everybody’s business. The… Read more »

The Masses Want Mobile

Recent statistics show that the practice of mobile banking has grown significantly in the last two years. I’m sure you see it with your own customers. If any of us thought that people would shy away from making financial transactions on their smartphone, those doubts should now be put to rest. The tide has turned,… Read more »

Aim For Awareness

It takes a lot for a customer to change banks: a new job, a move to a new city, or a significant customer service meltdown. Instead of exhausting your marketing resources, work on achieving top of mind awareness with potential customers so when something does happen (perhaps their old bank is acquired, for example), you… Read more »

Want To Know Who Visits Your Site?

The answer to a single question has been the Holy Grail of marketing since the inception of the internet: “What if I could get the contact information of everyone who visits my website?” These would be incredibly valuable leads. After all, they already sought you out and spent time reading your information! These visitors are… Read more »

Dawn Of The DJ 3000

I recently switched vehicles, and for one challenging day I was forced to listen to good old terrestrial FM radio while I worked on changing over my XM subscription (not as easy as it should have been, by the way). I almost didn’t make it. All total I listened for about an hour that day as… Read more »

If Your Customers Keep Getting Younger, Why Are You Trying To Reach Them With The Same Old Media?

Does anybody under the age of forty read the newspaper anymore? There are exceptions, of course, but the truth is that Gen Xers, millennials and an increasing number of baby boomers have traded in their Sunday paper for a smartphone. Microblogging sites like Twitter are increasingly making the content in our local papers old news,… Read more »