Author: Jay Mindeman

Jay Mindeman is the award winning creative director at Anchor Marketing. He is responsible for writing a good portion of the content that the agency produces. He also oversees graphic design and web development. In addition to his work at Anchor, Jay teaches communication at North Dakota's largest university.
Why Twitter Can’t Get It Right

We learned recently that after years of rebuffing overtures from some of the world’s most successful companies (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple), Twitter is considering a sale, finally succumbing to the pressure to turn a profit. A few years ago I lectured at a university symposium, and I said something to the effect of “Watch Facebook… Read more »

Catching Up To Cord Cutters

My family uses Sling to watch live TV. This service allows you to watch 25 or so channels of live television via broadband without a cable subscription. It’s not perfect, but it suits our viewing needs (like a lot of tech-savvy families, we watch the lion’s share of our programming via streaming services like Hulu,… Read more »

Judging A Dog By Its Cover

My wife, daughter and I walked into a shop in the old part of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, this weekend and got a surprise. Not only did the old building contain dozens of classic arcade and pinball games, we were also met by the largest Rottweiler we had ever seen. He easily weighed 120 pounds,… Read more »

Lochte Vs Lance: Last Brand Standing

Ryan Lochte is a jerk. That could have been the headline, but it wouldn’t have been newsworthy. We all knew it already. And, oddly enough, that’s probably why his personal brand may very well bounce back from his disastrous night out in Rio during the 2016 Summer Olympics and the series of poorly constructed half-truths… Read more »

Autumn: The Greatest Season

Be forewarned – this post has nothing to do with marketing (my usual topic). It has to do with the weather. Don’t worry, I’m not going to try my hand at meteorology. Instead, this is my endorsement of autumn as the greatest of the four seasons. Here’s why fall rules them all: (1) Sleeping with… Read more »

Olympic Touchpoints Fall Short

Do you have your plane ticket ready to see the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this August? In a normal year, the typical response would be something like “I wish!” However, this year’s more likely reply is “are you kidding?” And it isn’t because nobody cares about lame “sports” like badminton or… Read more »

The Power Of Positive Culture

I just finished writing an article for a client’s publication about how a company’s culture can affect its productivity. As I did my research, I came across some very interesting data that proves – NEWS FLASH – that employees like to work for companies that are positive, and that – NEWS FLASH – employees who… Read more »