Author: Jay Mindeman

Jay Mindeman is the award winning creative director at Anchor Marketing. He is responsible for writing a good portion of the content that the agency produces. He also oversees graphic design and web development. In addition to his work at Anchor, Jay teaches communication at North Dakota's largest university.
2016’s Most Viral Commercials

Adweek recently posted a story listing the 20 Most Viral Ads of 2016. It’s all video, there are a lot of foreign commercials on the list and everything is pretty fun to watch. With the exception of serial viral pioneers OK Go, there isn’t much consistency here – at least at first glance: a Doritos commercial… Read more »

Talk To Yourself And You’re The Only One Who Listens

You are not your target audience. There. I said it. You may have been once, but not anymore. The minute you start a company or start working for a company that sells to a specific group of people, you are no longer part of that group of people (instead, you are part of a new… Read more »

The Meteorology Con

I put Christmas lights on my house yesterday, and I could have done it in shorts and a t-shirt. It is the middle of November, by the way. Yesterday was about twenty degrees warmer than the average. Twenty degrees! I’ve never seen anything like this, nor has anybody I’ve spoken with. We might have a… Read more »

Is The CW App The Future Of TV?

I am a huge comic book nerd. I used to draw them, I still read them and I will always love them. Jim Aparo is as important to me as Rembrandt or Matisse. Consequently, my wife (who even buys me Pop! figurines for my office) and I love to watch Arrow, The Flash and even Legends of… Read more »

Why Twitter Can’t Get It Right

We learned recently that after years of rebuffing overtures from some of the world’s most successful companies (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple), Twitter is considering a sale, finally succumbing to the pressure to turn a profit. A few years ago I lectured at a university symposium, and I said something to the effect of “Watch Facebook… Read more »

Catching Up To Cord Cutters

My family uses Sling to watch live TV. This service allows you to watch 25 or so channels of live television via broadband without a cable subscription. It’s not perfect, but it suits our viewing needs (like a lot of tech-savvy families, we watch the lion’s share of our programming via streaming services like Hulu,… Read more »

Judging A Dog By Its Cover

My wife, daughter and I walked into a shop in the old part of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, this weekend and got a surprise. Not only did the old building contain dozens of classic arcade and pinball games, we were also met by the largest Rottweiler we had ever seen. He easily weighed 120 pounds,… Read more »