Anchor And Agilix Solutions: Maximizing The Potential Of Rockwell Automation Marketing

Agilix Solutions is a successful distributor in the midwestern United States that has partnered with Rockwell Automation for many years. The advantages of such a relationship are obvious: offering customers products from the world’s undisputed automation technology leader is a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

However, while Rockwell Automation is focused on making nothing less than incredible products, this also means their expectations for channel partner marketing efforts are just as high. Rockwell Automation provides support for branding, along with a variety of sales support materials for their products and services, but they also demand a high level of professionalism and accountability. Achieving their goals and reporting on the related metrics can be challenging, and Agilix Solutions asked Anchor Marketing to support their efforts by focusing on making the most out of their co-branding and messaging with Rockwell Automation. 

“There’s a lot of potential when you work with Rockwell Automation, but you need to be able to harness it,” says Chris Fine, the director of marketing at Agilix Solutions. “We tasked Anchor Marketing with bringing our co-branded marketing efforts into focus.” 

To make this happen, Anchor Marketing and Agilix Solutions utilized Act-On, a powerful marketing automation platform that uses email blasts, landing pages and lead scoring to give customers and prospective customers a tailored Rockwell Automation communication experience. The first step, however, was identifying the information in Rockwell Automation’s arsenal of sales support materials that most benefited Agilix Solutions’ customers. 

“The team at Anchor hasn’t just helped us get the most out of our marketing automation efforts,” Fine continues, “they’ve simplified the messaging so that it has more impact on our unique target audiences. Anchor clearly tells the user what’s in it for them, and that brings it all together.” 

The results of these efforts have been clear. Not only does the marketing automation platform guide users through the customer journey, the distributor’s partnership with Rockwell Automation has been reinforced, and recently the campaign earned a “Best of the Best” award from tED Magazine, one of the distribution industry’s most prominent news outlets. 

“Anchor Marketing takes Rockwell Automation’s materials and makes them into attention-getting, effective messaging with a firm foundation in the Agilix Solutions brand,” says Fine. “We couldn’t be happier with their work.”

What can Anchor Marketing do for you? 

Anchor Marketing has been helping distributors across the United States to build their brands for more than a decade. We’ve worked with distributors that serve many industries in that time, but we’ve come to specialize mainly in helping suppliers who provide automation and electrical products and services. 

One of the most important things we’ve learned over the years is how to successfully implement Rockwell Automation marketing and branding mandates. We’ve done so using marketing automation, email campaigns, social media posts, web content and the latest in branding technology. 

Here’s what we’ve learned about Rockwell Automation in the process: 
  1. Rockwell Automation expects their products to be promoted in a professional manner, but they allow for distributors to interpret the exact manner in which it’s done. 
  2. Rockwell Automation demands that specific marketing metrics are reported in a specific way. 
  3. Rockwell Automation provides a lot of detailed information to its channel partners, and parsing that information into lead-generating marketing communication can be challenging. 

Distributing Rockwell Automation technology is a huge opportunity, but it’s not easy. Let the experienced team at Anchor Marketing simplify the process, energize your creativity and increase the effectiveness of your marketing messages. 

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