Snapchat Gives Brands Public Profiles

Recently, Snapchat started to allow businesses to utilize Public Profiles (after an extended period of testing). Snapchat Public Profiles allow brands / companies to build a permanent presence on Snapchat. Businesses can now create a profile that has content highlights for the world to see, along with any augmented reality (AR) lenses they’ve created for users to engage with (something primarily done by large companies).

Previously, the only way brands could engage with users was either through their Snapchat stories (which only exist for 24 hours before they disappear) or through paid ads that run on the platform. Utilizing a Public Profile gives a brand a home and allows users to subscribe, making it easier to find and more engaging.

You may be wondering how your own company / brand can benefit from this development. While it’s true that Snapchat is mainly a business-to-consumer (B2C) ecosystem, there are also ways you can utilize the platform in a business-to-business (B2B) world:

  1. Recruitment – If you’re looking to reach and engage with a young workforce – or the future workforce – Snapchat is a great option. You can highlight what it’s like to work at your company and include testimonies from current employees. Build a story around who you want on your team.
  2. Product Spotlights – Customers who are on Snapchat can subscribe to your page, so make sure to keep them updated on the new products at your company (and show them what’s coming next).
  3. Sharing Company News – Treat Snapchat like the other social media outlets you use to disseminate information about your brand, your company and the news surrounding both.

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