Finding Leads With Facebook And Instagram

Typically, I would consider Facebook and Instagram to be best suited for B2C companies, and so would many others. B2C has shorter buyer journeys than B2B, which makes it easy to see an immediate impact when running something like a retargeting campaign. As we know, B2B buyer journeys can last months and sometimes years depending on the product (equipment, technology, etc). However, that doesn’t mean companies that work in the B2B world shouldn’t utilize Facebook and Instagram. As a company, you want to reach your audience wherever they get their information – and that could very well be on these platforms. Just keep in mind it’s a long-term plan and sales won’t skyrocket after one month.

Let’s talk a little more about retargeting (also known as remarketing) on Facebook / Instagram. This feature enables you to re-engage users who are known prospects, as well as customers or those who have visited your website.

Similar to LinkedIn retargeting, you first need to add a string of code to your website known as the Facebook Pixel. After the Facebook Pixel is added, it will track user activity (such as someone visiting a page or adding a product to their cart). Then, when the customer goes to Facebook, they will see ads that reinforce your brand.

You can create a custom audience for the campaign by using any of these three options:
  1. Create a custom audience using your existing customer list
  2. Create an audience from website visitors
  3. Create an audience from existing app users 

Note that Facebook / Instagram does allow users to change their ad preferences and control the information that is collected. Users can also opt-out of seeing online interest-based ads. However, Facebook / Instagram will simply find another qualified user to show your ad to.

The key to using Facebook / Instagram to reach a B2B audience is reducing wasted impressions. Contact the Anchor team today, and we can help you to get a plan in place.