What’s Your Color?

Or more importantly what is your color saying about your business?In advertising we use color to grab attention, bring information to the foreground or even to force less critical elements to recede to the back. But one of the most important things that color does in advertising is to subconsciously stimulate emotions. We all know that consumers don’t give us much time to win over their attention. Color is one of the strongest factors that we can use to speak to them, without writing a word.

Black evokes authority and confidence and is considered classic and distinguished.

White is pure and clean. In business it can be refreshing.

Red is the color of attention and finds it impossible to be subtle. It induces passion, excitement, danger.

Orange is vibrant, suggesting pleasure, ambition and endurance.

Yellow evokes happiness and warmth. It tends to appeal to the intellectual types as a good accent, but can be overpowering if overused.

Green suggests health, freshness, positivity and nature and can have an instant calming effect.

Purple is the color of sophistication, luxury and wisdom. It works well to advertise premium services.

Blue is trustworthy, dignified and secure. It evokes loyalty and peace and is the the go-to color for corporations.

Gray is a practical color, evoking earnestness while remaining conservative.

Brown suggests richness, politeness and effectiveness.

There are of course exceptions to all rules. Different cultures and ages of people may produce varied emotional reactions to colors based on experiences and exposure.

Color choice in advertising is one of the strongest decisions you can make and will play a major role in your branding. Be sure that it is a color that expresses the core of your company.


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