Webinars To The Rescue

What do we do when we can’t physically reach our customers? Right now, we live in a time where a lot of physical events and meetings are being postponed or canceled. When faced with an event like this, we start to wonder how we can still reach our customers without meeting in person. 

Here’s an idea: what about creating your own webinar? Webinars actually have some advantages over in-person meetings. For example, they tend to cost less to hold than in-person meetings. Webinars also give us the ability to reach a broader audience. And depending on the topic, your webinar can be timeless, allowing you to reuse it in the future.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that webinars should replace all in-person meetings. However, they do work great as a supplement to get important content out to specific audiences – especially if you can’t get an in-person meeting anyway.

A recent study shows that 91% of business-to-business professionals say that webinars are their preferred type of content.

The study also shows that 54% of business-to-business participants engage with webinars on a weekly or even daily basis. Webinars can give your company a chance to interact with prospects and/or customers on a regular basis, establishing strong relationships in spite of the fact that you aren’t in the same room.

One last advantage that a webinar may have over a tactic like email, for instance: thanks to modern technology, webinars make it easy for you to talk with your customers, not just at them. Being able to interact in real-time and answer customer questions goes a long way toward establishing your company as a go-to resource for solutions.

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