Top 10 Ways Video Makes Sites Sticky

Over the last couple years you’ve probably noticed a lot more videos on the web sites you frequent. Is it a coincidence? Simply put: no. With faster internet connections, iPads, iPods, smart phones, DVR’s, online TV and so much more at our fingertips our attention spans are undoubtedly getting shorter. So what better way to grab and hold the attention of visitors to your web site than with sound, motion and graphics?

Here are my top ten reasons why you should consider video on your web site today!

10. Viral Power

  • If people find your video valuable enough, they will share it with their friends, which can lead to tons of additional viewers for your message.

9. On-Demand Accessibility

  • With internet visitors constantly growing and the influx of internet-ready devices (cell phones, iPads, laptops, etc.) capable of streaming videos, viewers can access your video anytime, anywhere.

8. Demonstrate With Power

  • How-to videos can be the most powerful videos on the web, and you can use them to educate your customers. Satisfy customers by giving them easy access to information and cutting down time spent on customer service.

7. Easy Communication

  • Watching a video is easier than reading loads of text, allowing you to easily communicate important information to your customers.

6. Separate Yourself From The Competition

  • Is your competition using video to effectively communicate their messages? Those that do stand out from the rest.

5. Improve Search Results

  • Google loves video. With correct use of titles and descriptions, videos can be a huge asset when trying to move up the search engine ladder.

4. Powerful Branding Tool

  • Videos engage the customer more actively than text, allowing you to give the viewer a feeling about the personality of your company.

3. Keep Your Visitors Engaged

  • Text-rich web sites encourage clicking around – and away from your site. Videos encourage visitors to stay in the same place longer, and the longer they stay, the more likely they are to become engaged and exposed to your message.

2. Share Your Expertise

  • Use videos to create a marketing niche for yourself, showing customers just what it is that you do better than the competition.

1. Give Your Company A Personal Face

  • People are the most important asset at most companies, and it’s important for your customers to be able to connect with your workforce on a personal level.