The Secret Of Facebook

How can you use Facebook to grow your business without wasting your time?It’s not as easy as the “experts” would have you believe. Here at Anchor we were driving the social media bandwagon before many of the “experts” decided to get in on the action. That doesn’t mean that we’ve succeeded in every attempt to use Facebook. It just means that we’ve already learned a lot of lessons from the world’s largest social media web site, and that helps us to improve our odds.

Want to know the secret of Facebook? The secret is that there are really two Facebooks. The first Facebook capitalizes on social interaction, and it’s the one most people think about first. This is the Facebook that is made up of friends and posts and photos and online games. Your company can put this Facebook to good use by building its own Facebook page and using it to communicate to customers. Start a conversation with them. Learn about them. Learn FROM them.

Just be careful when you try to sell them something. If your selling messages are too overt or too aggressive (or too common), you’ll quickly burn up any goodwill that you’ve created with your Facebook page. After all, nobody wants their virtual mailbox stuffed with your junk mail – at least not constantly.

The second Facebook is the one that sells ads. You know, those messages that appear on the right side of the page when you are looking at posts and photos. The ads themselves aren’t really much of an innovation. The pay-per-click (PPC) business model isn’t either – you can get that from Google or Bing or anybody else. What really makes this facet of Facebook worth your time is the outstanding targeting that it allows. Facebook’s PPC ads allow you to narrow your target demographics down – a lot. You can show your ad only to women in their thirties who live in Toledo who love playing Texas Hold ’em. That’s pretty specific, and it gives your ads a much higher chance at success. Plus, since you only pay per click (unless you choose differently) you get all of those impressions – the times when the ad is on your customer’s screen but they don’t click on it – for free. That can quickly add up to millions of impressions.

Before you rush onto Facebook to start buying ads, consider this: the secret is out. More and more businesses are piling onto Facebook every day, and it’s starting to get crowded. When we first started using Facebook, it was easy to make our messages stand out. Today, that job is much more of a challenge. Don’t come to the table with weak sauce, or you will be ignored, and Facebook can actually start to get sort of expensive (it’s complicated). Let a professional help you to customize a message that gets results.

Then put the secret power of Facebook to work for you.