Social Media, The Cocktail Party You Don’t Want To Miss

Social media is an easy way to stay connected with your customers, and let them know what’s going on at your company. Businesses are able to share ideas, content, thoughts and relationships online. It also allows your customers to comment on and add to the content posted on a social media site – proving, however, why it’s important to engage your target audience in a way that’s different than traditional media.

As David Meerman Scott describes it in his book, The New Rules Of Marketing & PR, social media is like a cocktail party. Before you dive into the social media scene, it’s a smart idea to ask yourself the following questions about how you act at such a party.

• Do you go into a large gathering filled with people you don’t know and shout, “Buy my product!”?

• Do you listen more than you speak?

• Are you helpful, providing valuable information to people with no expectation of getting something tangible in return?

• Do you try to meet every single person, or do you have a few great conversations?

Scott goes on to note that it’s the engaging people at a cocktail party that make friends. People want to do business with people they like, so it makes sense that they are eager to introduce their friends to each other.

The same holds true in social media. Be sure to interact with / respond to your customers who add to your content or make comments on your posts and pages. It’s also important to realize how often a post should be made. Take Facebook for example. People don’t want their News Feeds bombarded with posts from your company. Just like the friend who posts every detail of her day, your posts will soon be “hidden,” and your customer lost.

Instead, post once or twice a week with information your customers want to know about, and engage your customers through questions. Encourage them to give their opinions on items. Your friends are the first people you turn to when asking what they think about the new shoes you just purchased, so let your Facebook “Fans” be those same people you turn to about your company. After all, they’re the ones who you want to Like you. And the more you connect with them, the more they’ll commit to your company.

In turn, they’re the ones who will be telling their friends about you.

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