A Facebook Like Is A Big Compliment For Your Company

I have been an avid Facebook user since 2005, when it was open to only college students. Those days are long gone, as Facebook has gone from a social networking site for college students to a world-wide phenomenon with nearly 500 million users world-wide. As Facebook continues to expand, it comes as no surprise that more and more organizations are turning to the social networking site to market themselves. In fact, it’s become rare that you can sit down and turn on the TV without hearing, “follow us on Facebook.” It’s a simple way for companies to get seen, provide updates, share links and post pictures and videos for Facebook users to view. In fact, part of my job here at Anchor is to help our clients keep their Facebook pages fresh and relevant.

And while (in my own opinion) you know that the Facebook hype has gotten out of control when you turn on CNN to hear that Lady Gaga has broken the record of 10 million fans, I do believe it can be a powerful marketing tool. The best part about a company page on Facebook is that when people “like” your page, there’s nothing in it for them – they are genuinely saying that they are interested in your company or your product. Editors note: until recently, Facebook called this “Becoming A Fan.”

While most personal profiles can only be seen if you are “friends” with the person, company pages are public. They can be seen by anyone, whether you “like” the page or not. “Liking” a page is a way for users to say they want to get updates from the company directly in their news feed. A user’s “friends” will also see when a user “likes” a page. So, while you may wonder if a person is requesting to be your Facebook “friend” so that they can look through your hidden profile, “liking” a page is as straightforward as its meaning states. Which – as simple as it is – is as a pretty big compliment to you and your business.