Just One Piece Of The Puzzle

I remember going over the elements of the “marketing mix” when I was an undergraduate. I kept them with me as a graduate student, as well. Twenty years later, I still consider them an important part of everything I do.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to develop dynamic selling messages and deliver them through print ads, then radio spots, then TV commercials, then web sites, then email, then social media, then mobile devices. I’ve learned how to get people’s attention and keep it. I’ve been responsible for promoting products that have gone on to great success. But I’ve never, ever done it on my own.

Not only have I had a team of talented people around me here at Anchor, but each success story that I’ve ever been a part of has started with a client who has been committed to doing everything it takes to build a strong brand for their company. I can make the best TV commercial in the world, but it is a failure if the receptionist is rude when a customer calls. We use the most expensive technology on the internet, but it doesn’t matter if the package arrives three days later than we promised.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve had my share of misses, too. But they are few and far between when everyone does their part to fulfill the brand promise – when product, place, promotion, people and price add up to something greater than the sum of their parts.

In other words, great companies make great marketing easier. And I’m thankful for that.