Hal Halliday, Kerry Heid Acquire Anchor Marketing

As of January 1, 2015, Greg “Hal” Halliday and Kerry Heid became the principal owners of Anchor Marketing, a brand-building agency headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Halliday and Heid purchased the company from Steve Eickman, who founded the company in 1997. Eickman will stay with Anchor Marketing as part of the account service team.

Heid joined Anchor Marketing’s account service department in 2007 and became a minority partner in 2009. Halliday joined the account service team and became a minority partner in 2010. Between the two of them, these new owners have spent years working with all of Anchor Marketing’s accounts. In fact, they are so familiar with Anchor Marketing’s clients that few will notice a change at all.

“Strategic marketing has always been our trademark,” says Halliday, “and that will not change. Kerry and I have worked to develop and execute well-thought-out marketing plans for our clients that are tied to measurable objectives and goals. We do award-winning creative work that gets a lot of press, but none of it happens by accident. We work strategically first, and that makes our creative team all the more effective.”