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What Google Isn’t Telling You About Using Google Ads For B2B

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is the search giant’s platform for delivering paid communication via search ads, display ads and YouTube videos. You know those ads you see when you do a Google search? Pretty much all of them, in dozens of different formats and file sizes, appear via Google Ads. It’s been around since 2000,… Read more »

Anchor Marketing Embraces Virtual Office

In the summer of 2020, the Anchor Marketing team will move out of our current building and instead serve clients from anywhere we have an internet connection. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Anchor Marketing had temporarily made this transition in March of 2020, and the resulting work and customer response have been so positive that… Read more »

The Ten Biggest Pitfalls Of Package Design

If part of your job is creating packaging, you know that it is both exciting and challenging. It’s thrilling to see your work displayed in stores and in consumers’ homes, but it is equally nerve-racking to know that any error comes with significant consequences – like hundreds of thousands of incorrect packages, for example. Here… Read more »

Disney+ Muddies The Stream

Now that Disney has its own streaming platform, I wonder if we are nearing critical mass for streaming services. In 2020, we will also get HBO Max and Peacock, NBCUniversal’s upcoming platform. I assure you that more will follow. For years I was part of the crowd screaming for al a carte television. After all,… Read more »

Dirt In Your Teeth

Growing up on the farm, I can remember times where I was keenly aware of the wind direction. Not because I was spraying and concerned about drift, but because of the direction the dust would blow. Driving an open air John Deere 5020 tractor usually meant that in one direction, the wind blew fresh air… Read more »

Anchor Marketing Welcomes Darren Stinson To Its Crew

Anchor Marketing recently announced the addition of Darren Stinson as its newest account manager. He will be responsible for initiating and maintaining successful partnerships with Anchor Marketing’s growing number of clients. Stinson and the team at Anchor Marketing will help these clients to build their brands, improve their communication (both external and internal) and harness… Read more »

Anchor Marketing Takes Home Two Manny Awards

Anchor Marketing has earned two silver 2018 Manny awards from the Marketing Communications Agency Network (MCAN), a national organization made up of marketing, branding and business communication professionals. Anchor Marketing earned its first award in the Television Single Spot category for “Putting You First,” a commercial and YouTube video created for First United Bank. Anchor… Read more »