Does Anybody Look At Billboards Anymore?

In 2011, good old-fashioned billboards have become sort of… quaint. They tower above our streets and highways, hawking everything from vehicles to housewares. While outdoor advertising technology has changed (vinyl wraps, electronic displays etc.), the nature of the business hasn’t changed at all: talk to consumers as they drive. More than 50 years after the last Burma Shave sign disappeared, is anyone still paying attention to billboards? In short, yes.

After all, we don’t drive with our eyes closed (I hope). We’re still looking around alertly (again, I hope) and that means we notice things around us outside of our vehicle. The trick is to make your billboard noticeable. It needs to be short – really short – and to the point. It also needs to be memorable. We recently had success with a bank billboard that has a huge tree protruding from the top of it. It really makes an impression as you drive by, making a strong point for the bank’s roots-based brand message.

The biggest challenge to outdoor adverting in 2011 is space. More and more communities are limiting the number of boards in their cities. That means you can’t build anymore billboards – and that means they are a limited resource. The result of that, of course, is increasing costs. Billboards can be expensive, but they can be worth it if you know how to use them.

At Anchor, we know all about outdoor advertising. Let’s chat and together we’ll discover if they’re right for you and your business.