Mindeman Named Qualified Google Advertising Pro

As a Google Advertising Professional, Mindeman has exhibited excellence in the creation, testing, organization and management of strategic Google ad campaigns for all of Anchor’s pay-per-click clients. logo_qualified_ind_80-ANCHORGoogle acknowledges individuals with this status only if they have clearly demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of internet marketing with Google AdWords (a form of “pay-per-click” advertising) and are competent to offer expert management and consulting service in Google AdWords implementation.

Jay Mindeman is vice president and creative director at Anchor. He holds a master’s degree in communication from the University of North Dakota and supervises all of Anchor’s creative production. An ADDY award-winning writer, Mindeman has more than 15 years of experience in the communication industry.

“This qualification solidifies Anchor’s place as one of the best resources for emerging media in North Dakota and Minnesota,” says Steve Eickman, president of Anchor. “When clients want to stay on top of the evolution of results-driven communication, they call us first.”