A Behind The Scenes Look At Video Editing

We encounter them daily, some make us laugh, some make us think and some just make us confused. Whether it’s a shaky cell phone video on youTube or a professionally edited marketing video that shows off a new product, the unmistakable combination of images and sound almost always gets our attention. But just like a video says a lot about its subject, the quality of a video says a lot about the company behind it. Making a good video is significantly more work than making a bad one, no matter what kind of equipment you use, or what kind of technology you use to deliver it. On the other hand, a good video is worth it, because it makes you – and your product – both look good. Here’s how we do it at Anchor.

First, we start by writing a script. Writing the words (known as copy) for a video is a bit different than writing copy for print. Video copy has to be simple enough to understand without having to re-watch the video. The copy has to correlate to the video. If the copy that viewers hear has no connection with the video they are seeing on screen, the message will be lost. Like all copy written here at Anchor, the video script is copy edited and proofed. Once the script has been approved and proofed, the audio is recorded – either in house, or with one of our vendor partners.

The second step is collecting the video. This may include setting up interviews and scheduling time to record them. In this case, it is important to ensure proper lighting and to get more video than you would ever need. Here at Anchor, we shoot in high definition with a fluid head tripod. That allows us to use the video on both the internet and on TV (without it becoming blurry, shaky or stretched out). In some instances, stock video or still photos are used instead. Once the video has been obtained, interviews have been shot and / or photos have been received, the writer/producer chooses the exact clips and photos to go with each line of copy.

Once the script has been written and the video clips have been selected, the editing begins. At Anchor, we use Final Cut Pro for all of our editing. This program provides us with almost endless editing options, whether we need to touch up the color on our video, add eye-catching transitions and effects or even create something out of nothing. Through the editing process, we are able to bring our script and video to life.

As you can see, making an effective video or commercial takes experience, equipment and expertise. It’s also worth noting that I haven’t mentioned all of the work that goes into a video before the script is even written! At Anchor, we learn about the product, analyze the target audience and use strategic planning to set measurable objectives. The end result is a successful video for our clients that catches the eye of the target market. That’s the difference between good video and great video.