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Using HBO, Netflix To Build Brands

Those who read my blog on a regular basis know that I don’t get cable. Instead, my family utilizes a combination of streaming services that include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Sling (and yes, I still save a ton of money). I am part of a growing minority in the United States known as cable cutters,… Read more »

Is The CW App The Future Of TV?

I am a huge comic book nerd. I used to draw them, I still read them and I will always love them. Jim Aparo is as important to me as Rembrandt or Matisse. Consequently, my wife (who even buys me Pop! figurines for my office) and I love to watch Arrow, The Flash and even Legends of… Read more »

Catching Up To Cord Cutters

My family uses Sling to watch live TV. This service allows you to watch 25 or so channels of live television via broadband without a cable subscription. It’s not perfect, but it suits our viewing needs (like a lot of tech-savvy families, we watch the lion’s share of our programming via streaming services like Hulu,… Read more »

CBS All Access: Big Dud Theory

I am trying to create my own a la carte TV service. Even though I keep shrinking my cable package, I am still forced to pay for dozens of channels that my family never watches. That’s not hyperbole – we NEVER watch them, not even for one second. Oxygen? Yawn. C-SPAN? Is that still a thing?… Read more »

Count Netflix Is Coming For You

Do you know why people love streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix? Because it’s convenient, and it doesn’t need advertising support to survive. But have you ever wondered why it doesn’t need ad dollars to survive? In honor of the scant number of moldy horror movies left in the withering Netflix library, let me explain… Read more »