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AI, Algorithms And Agreement

Have you ever known someone who was so eager to be your friend that they agreed with everything you said? Ask them to pick a restaurant, and they tell you they’re good with whatever you choose. Tell them about your favorite movie, and they agree, replying “oh, if you liked that, you’ll LOVE these similar… Read more »

The Super Bowl Of Bad Ads

Well, the Denver Broncos are the NFL Super Bowl champs, but who won the annual “ad bowl,” the competition to see who can make the greatest, most-talked about TV commercial? Nobody. This year’s crop of “event ads” was by far the worst in history. Time and time again I found myself asking my wife “who… Read more »

Marketing The Silent D

Do you know anybody who pronounces the “d” in Wednesday? You might hear it used on the TV or radio once in a while by somebody trying to sound smart, but mostly it just makes people sound like weirdos. The word itself almost certainly started as “Woden’s Day” (something about Norse mythology, I hear), wherein… Read more »

Come Together, Right Now

Ten years ago, the buzzword when talking about marketing and media was “convergence.” Experts used it when they predicted a future in which all digital (and even some analog) media would come together in one place. You don’t hear the word very much anymore. Do you want to know why? Because “convergence” already took place,… Read more »