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A Remorseless Eating Machine

No summer can come and go in the United States without a movie about sharks. This year it was about a giant prehistoric shark called a megalodon (which also happened to be my nickname for one of our first writers here at Anchor – Megan has gone on to do just fine for herself, thank… Read more »

The Masses Want Mobile

Recent statistics show that the practice of mobile banking has grown significantly in the last two years. I’m sure you see it with your own customers. If any of us thought that people would shy away from making financial transactions on their smartphone, those doubts should now be put to rest. The tide has turned,… Read more »

Adventures In Geofencing

We have a client who sells a unique product to a unique audience. That’s not anything new, of course, but in their case, it means that they don’t sell to a mass audience – instead they focus on a very, very small subset of the general population. Narrowcasting is the name of the game –… Read more »

Marketing The Silent D

Do you know anybody who pronounces the “d” in Wednesday? You might hear it used on the TV or radio once in a while by somebody trying to sound smart, but mostly it just makes people sound like weirdos. The word itself almost certainly started as “Woden’s Day” (something about Norse mythology, I hear), wherein… Read more »