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Game of Thrones Hits Ludicrous Speed

I’ve blogged about Game of Thrones before, but it was mostly nerdy rantings from a fantasy / sci-fi geek. The average viewer didn’t care that the show started to focus more on Kit Harrington’s hair than on plausible, consistent storytelling. In fact, women across the globe applauded HBO’s obvious Jon Snow resurrection / money grab.… Read more »

Using HBO, Netflix To Build Brands

Those who read my blog on a regular basis know that I don’t get cable. Instead, my family utilizes a combination of streaming services that include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Sling (and yes, I still save a ton of money). I am part of a growing minority in the United States known as cable cutters,… Read more »

I Used To Love Game Of Thrones

I remember when the guys in Metallica cut their hair. Their fans went bananas. It was ironic for a group┬áthat was all about substance over style: their fans had a certain image in their minds, and they did not want the heaviest band in the world to look like they drove to the concert in… Read more »

20 Above VS 20 Below

If you live in North Dakota for any period of time that includes January and February, you are likely to experience the joys of subzero temperatures. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to experience the life-changing, paradigm-shifting glory of a cold snap like the one we experienced recently, complete with temperatures┬áthat tumble 20 or… Read more »