Behind every great brand is a marketing team that listens closely, thinks strategically and works tirelessly – in that order. At Anchor Marketing, we’ve proven that effective creative ideas begin with focused planning. It’s a method we call TAMM®, and it’s so important that we wrote a book about it (The Scoop). Guesswork just doesn’t work. Your business deserves success from planned communication, and Anchor Marketing is the place to start.

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What sets Anchor apart is our ability to differentiate you and your brand promise. Our way of thinking doesn’t fit the mold of the typical agency. We build brands instead of just ads. And we do it with new ideas, planned communication, stunning creative and a track record of proven success.

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Anchor has been building brands since 1997. Even then we were ahead of our time. We recognized that new media, new ideas and new strategies were shaping the world of communication. We’ve concentrated on well-defined target audiences, proven strategic planning and measurable objectives since the very beginning. Most importantly, our clients have experienced significant success. How else could one guy in a tiny office in Grand Forks, North Dakota grow into a 14-person brand building powerhouse, with international clients, national awards and offices in Grand Forks and Phoenix?

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