Stop struggling to hire a marketing director and start succeeding with your very own marketing team.

How do you describe the perfect marketing person? Perhaps the attributes pictured here come to mind. When you work with Anchor Marketing, you don’t need to find the perfect marketing person because you’ll have something better – a team of outstanding marketing experts. In the end, a relationship with Anchor saves your company time and money – and results in marketing and branding that will give your business an edge over its competition.

Characteristics Of The Perfect Marketing Person

  • Outgoing / Thoughtful – Able to think creatively and still communicate ideas.
  • Strategy – 20 years of experience creating branding plans that have been proven to succeed.
  • Sick Days – Always available, never takes time off.
  • Objectivity – Looks at challenges without preconceptions or agendas.
  • Web Developer – Programs websites and learns new technologies as they emerge.
  • Graphic Design – The diverse skill sets of multiple award-winning designers.
  • Benefits – Doesn’t need insurance or profit sharing or involve taxes.
  • Writing That Kicks Butt – It’s critical to be creative and professional.
  • Walking Away – Never looks to leave for another job.

The Anchor Marketing team covers all of the above without the HR hassles! Marketing ROI beats marketing DIY. Contact us today.

The Perfect Marketing Person