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How Much Do You Really Know About Your Customers?

Most bankers will tell you without hesitation that they understand their customers. After all, they talk to them every day, right? Unfortunately, that casual communication rarely leads to the kind of frank truthfulness that is critical to deep understanding. Nobody wants to tell their banker that they disagree with them, but without that candor, even… Read more »

The Masses Want Mobile

Recent statistics show that the practice of mobile banking has grown significantly in the last two years. I’m sure you see it with your own customers. If any of us thought that people would shy away from making financial transactions on their smartphone, those doubts should now be put to rest. The tide has turned,… Read more »

Aim For Awareness

It takes a lot for a customer to change banks: a new job, a move to a new city, or a significant customer service meltdown. Instead of exhausting your marketing resources, work on achieving top of mind awareness with potential customers so when something does happen (perhaps their old bank is acquired, for example), you… Read more »

If Your Customers Keep Getting Younger, Why Are You Trying To Reach Them With The Same Old Media?

Does anybody under the age of forty read the newspaper anymore? There are exceptions, of course, but the truth is that Gen Xers, millennials and an increasing number of baby boomers have traded in their Sunday paper for a smartphone. Microblogging sites like Twitter are increasingly making the content in our local papers old news,… Read more »

3 Steps To Help Your Bank’s Brand Stand Out From The Crowd

When was the last time you were in a restaurant that spent a lot of time telling you all about their cooked carrots? Probably never. Instead of spending resources trying to differentiate their raw materials – most of which are similar-tasting commodities that all restaurants offer – they choose to promote the fact that the… Read more »