According to Thomas Edison, vision without execution is hallucination. Some marketing agencies get caught up in the style and forget about the substance of communication. Great creative is better when it starts with solid planning. Here at Anchor, every project, every website, every design, every word of copy starts with a deep understanding of WHY you, the client, do what you do. And it’s probably not to make money. Successful companies identify their “why” as the reason they are really in business. For example, the “why” at a grocery store might be “to bring people together as they prepare and share meals.” The how comes second: selling groceries. The fact that the store is a success and makes a profit is a result of putting “why” first. Those who start with “how” tend to blend into the crowd and seldom inspire true loyalty in their customers.

Once we understand your “why,” we use our experience and research to determine how the elements of TAMM apply: Who is our message Targeted towards? What Action do we want them to take? What Message best communicates to this audience? How should the message be delivered – what is the Medium that will be used? Anchor puts all of this together into a Navigation Plan, a map that guides you toward your communication goals.

All of that happens before we design, write or code anything. Consequently, we significantly improve our odds of the communication doing its job successfully. And because we set measurable objectives in our Navigation Plans (and utilize powerful research tools like Brand Loyalty Score), it’s possible to make adjustments to our work in order to improve results over time. You deserve to have confidence in your marketing. Let us show you how.