Retargeting With LinkedIn

If you’re in the business-to-business world, you’ve likely considered LinkedIn as a platform for reaching decision makers. Perhaps you have even read some of my past articles on LinkedIn advertising, which include topics like Build A Process To Convert Prospects Into Customers – And Include LinkedInCreate Your Next Conference on LinkedInReach Quality Job Candidates on LinkedIn and How To Utilize Employee Advocacy On LinkedInIt goes without saying that Microsoft’s social media platform has a lot to offer. But did you know that you can also use LinkedIn to create a retargeting campaign for your business or product? Retargeting with LinkedIn is easier than you might think.

LinkedIn’s website retargeting feature allows you to create a Matched Audience in LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager. (Campaign Manager is where you log in to create ads or boost posts that have already been shared.)

Before you can create your audience you need to add LinkedIn’s Insight Tag (a string of code) to your website, and then you can create different audiences based on pages they visit. This feature is helpful if you have distinct parts of your website meant for different audiences. For example, if you manufacture one sub assembly for the automotive industry and a second for agriculture – and have different pages on your website that speak to these industries independently – you can address those visitors with LinkedIn ads that benefit from a more focused message.

This type of retargeting can also be helpful at determining where someone is in the buying funnel. Users who visit your pricing page are likely further along in their decision than someone who is just starting their search. LinkedIn lets you use that information to tailor your message to the audience based on where they are in the purchasing process.
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