LinkedIn Just Made It Easier To See Who Is Following Your Company

Do you have a LinkedIn company page? If yes, read on for some good news. If not, what are you waiting for? I recommend that you set one up for your company today. Start here:

If you already have a LinkedIn company page, you may have noticed that you could see your follower count, but you couldn’t look at the list of individual names. That seemed like an unreasonable restriction to put on companies that are using the platform for – and potentially spending their dollars on – the myriad of powerful features that LinkedIn offers.

Good news – LinkedIn recently changed this policy and lifted the lid on this important information. This is great news because it gives you the opportunity to get to know your audience. When someone shows interest in your company and takes the time to follow you, there’s a reason for it. It’s what I call an interest signal.

When I work with clients on their LinkedIn strategy, our goal is to build brand awareness and generate leads. How do we accomplish that? We work hard to develop content that matters to the customer, then we measure the engagement with that content. And when new followers are added, we want to know if we are attracting the right people.

Who are these followers? Are they a customer, a friend, a current (or prospective) employee or a competitor? What industry are they in? How did they find you? If you don’t know, bring it up at your next sales meeting. Does anyone on your team have a connection with this follower? If so, perhaps it’s time to follow up.

So what do you do if – after looking at your followers – you find that they aren’t the people that you were hoping to attract? Start by looking for the root cause of this problem (and it is a problem). The content that you are sharing (or not sharing) is a great place to begin. How is your company positioned? Why should your customers care? You can read more about my take on positioning and marketing ideas in my previous blog posts:

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I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn ( and let’s start a conversation about your followers. Are they relevant to your business?

Curious about your followers? Here are some instructions to find out who they are:

  1. From your LinkedIn personal home page, go to your company page on left side bar
  2. Once viewing the company page in Admin View, select Followers from the Analytics drop down menu
  3. Scroll down to the All Followers section – the most recent followers will be shown
  4. Go to All Followers for a scrollable view of all page followers (note this information is not exportable)