How To Utilize Employee Advocacy On LinkedIn

Do you fear that you’re investing time in quality content that nobody ever sees? Some days I bet you just want to grab a megaphone and shout from the rooftop – “Check out my new blog on our website!” It can be difficult to continue writing content when you think it’s not creating any value for your company. So the question is “how do you get your content seen by the right people?”

Let’s begin by asking, “Who do we know that has a relationship with your customers?”


So how do we get employees to share valuable content? Perhaps you could show employees how it could benefit them. LinkedIn research found that salespeople who regularly share content are 45% more likely to exceed quota. With some effort, employees can then build themselves into thought leaders, something that reassures customers that they’re working with the right people and the right company. But wait, we still don’t know how to get employees to share company content. They don’t have a lot of time so whatever it is needs to be simple.

Introducing LinkedIn Elevate.

Elevate is LinkedIn’s platform that allows your company to curate content that employees can then share on their own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Why did LinkedIn go so far as to develop their own curation platform? Research shows that content shared by a company employee has a 2x higher engagement rate than content shared by a business.

LinkedIn Elevate will give you a list of your most social employees, and they will be your best bet at getting a strong foundation for sharing content within your organization. Their use of the platform should encourage adoption among other employees. Once you put it into action, Elevate will target employees across with feed updates, mobile promos and InMails to remind and engage employees. You can then track traffic to your site, leads, followers to your company page, etc.

I don’t suggest that you simply spring this on your employees. Instead, create a plan on how to positively encourage the sharing of content, then find some employee champions for the idea. Once those social media enthusiasts start sharing content, others will soon follow.

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