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B careful what u type :-J

Being careful when communicating weighs heavily on my mind. After all I was the 10 year old kid that asked my mother when the guests were due to arrive to her surprise birthday party.  After awhile, one starts to dislike the taste of one’s own left foot. Communicating is kind of like squirting toothpaste out… Read more »

How Long Does A Web Site Last?

If only web sites had clear expiration dates. It would make life easier for us all, because there would never be that “in-between time” where you’re not sure if you need a new web site or not.

Using Flash to Enhance The Web Experience

More and more web sites are popping up with fancy Flash animation. Flash can be a powerful tool to enhance the web experience. Beyond simply making your site more “flashy,” there are less obvious reasons for adding Flash to your site.

7 Writing Tips From The Masters

As a copywriter, I can always appreciate a well-crafted, creative piece of literature. Here’s one I think both writers and non-writers alike will enjoy. Check out some snippets of a blog from the editor of Pick The Brain, showcasing a few timeless writing tips from some of the best authors in history.

The FYI on CMS

Content Management Systems (CMS) are huge these days.  In the world of the internet, the development of CMS is akin the invention of the wheel. They allow non-tech users to make revisions to web sites, and they free web developers to work more on complex coding issues rather than text changes.

Writing With Style

As a copywriter, you’re always looking for the most intriguing way to say something. You want to write compelling copy that not only catches a reader’s attention, but keeps it.