Author: Darren Stinson

Darren has a passion for branding that developed over the course of 23 years in the manufacturing industry, including time as the president of a successful technology company. With a unique perspective on what it takes for a business to succeed, he is constantly developing new tactics and strategies that benefit our clients.
LinkedIn Just Made It Easier To See Who Is Following Your Company

Do you have a LinkedIn company page? If yes, read on for some good news. If not, what are you waiting for? I recommend that you set one up for your company today. Start here: If you already have a LinkedIn company page, you may have noticed that you could see your follower count,… Read more »

Why Your Marketing Ideas Stink

You have a new product, a new service or a new location. All of these take time and money to accomplish, so let me start be congratulating you. Now that you’ve done it, you want the world to know. Here’s how this can go: A brainstorm is scheduled, and the leader, Lucas, throws out this… Read more »

A Question Worth Answering

As the pandemic and its effects have unfolded, one of the things that I miss the most is face-to-face meetings with business leaders. Things have changed a lot, and there is little doubt that the way we interact post-pandemic will be different. What won’t change is the value of asking questions of those we help… Read more »

Solve Problems By Asking “Why?”

Have you ever been the target of a young kid who incessantly asked “why?” I remember when my own kids were in this phase. Sometimes the conversation would go on and on until I was exasperated! This single-minded curiosity is acceptable for small children because we understand that he or she is developing and trying… Read more »

Five Reasons Lean Won’t Work For Your Company

There are a multitude of excellent reasons for manufacturers to implement lean production practices, and business leaders are often enticed to go down the path of continuous improvement. However, that doesn’t mean that lean manufacturing will work in every company. It can have huge benefits, but you need to have the right mindset. In my… Read more »

Hindsight And Headwinds

It was a warm evening in the spring of 1992, and the winds were light and variable as we departed Charleston, South Carolina, for our return flight to Clarksville, Tennessee. Our single-engine Cessna aircraft had the fuel tanks topped off, and the weather for the 500-mile trip looked good. With the steady hum of the… Read more »

Light The Fire Before You Need The Heat

A common theme that I hear when visiting with manufacturers is that they are too busy to concentrate on marketing their company or products. In fact, some of them tell me that they are so busy that they are turning away work. Their logic, then, goes something like this: why encourage more people to buy… Read more »