5 Things You Can Do With A QR Code…a what?

Back in the mid-1990s, Toyota developed a new ID tag for car parts, to replace the bar code. The QR Code was born and it soon proved to be faster to read and less prone to error. Now, with consumers sporting hand-held bar code readers in the form of smartphones, QR Codes are being used by businesses to attract and retain customers. Here are five interesting ways that you can use a QR codes for your business.

1: Deliver videos or coupons directly to a smartphone:  Engage your customers on the spot to check out your Facebook page.

2: Contact information: You can program a QR code to hold your contact information.  One brief pass with a user’s smartphone QR code reader app and they’ll have all of your contact information stored in their phone.

3. Calendar Entries: Have a big event coming up? Why not post a QR code with the details on your ads? When scanned, smartphone users can add your event directly to their calendars.

4. Text: This may sound “boring” but think of it as the old “hidden ink” trick.  Perhaps you could include a secret code for a discount, or a secret location to win prizes. Have your customers or friends scan it to find the “secret.”  I even know a couple who was expecting their first baby that – instead of telling people if it was a boy or a girl – simply sent an email with a QR code on it.  Once I scanned it, it said “IT’S A BOY!”

5. Directions: If a customer has a smartphone with a QR code reader, there is a good chance that they are on a nationwide wireless network.  You can use a QR code to link up to Google maps and provide them with real time directions to get to your business.

The true potential for using QR codes has yet to be realized. We’re just getting started!

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